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Day 1 Arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) OR Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). Please ensure you have provided us with the correct flight details and correct airport. 
Meet at airport for transfer to twin share accommodation in Kuala Lumpur.
18.00 – Welcome dinner and briefing. Please check with receptionist to confirm meeting time. 

Day 2 Orientation: Transfer to Zoo Negara. When you arrive at the zoo you will meet your programme facilitator who will show you to your accommodation and then take you on a short orientation. You will be given a thorough health and safety talk, a tour of the zoo and then you will go shopping for food etc.

Working hours at Zoo: 08.00 – 17.00 Weekends / Days off: Usually, weekends are given as days off. A total of 2 off days per week will be allocated throughout the programme which may be combined subject to discussion with your programme facilitator. You may choose to explore other parts of Malaysia at your own expense or stay at the volunteer accommodation.

Transfer from Zoo to airport for your flight out to Sandakan, Sabah. Please note: airfare not included. Upon arrival at Sandakan Airport (SDK), you will be met by a driver who will transfer you to the dormitory. After dinner and orientation, head to bed to fall asleep to the sounds of the Bornean jungle.

Day 18-26(B) PROJECT DAYS After breakfast transfer to Project Site: Sukau. After showing you to your accommodation, you will be given a thorough Health & Safety briefing as well as an orientation around the village. 
The project at Sukau involves wildlife observation. Habitat restoration work involves tree-planting and maintenance activities at high priority areas. These are crucial in connecting fragmented forest in the area to encourage healthy orangutan and pygmy elephant populations. Community and Education programmes involve interaction with the villagers and the students of the village school.

Day 27 Depart Sukau after breakfast for Sepilok. 
Walk through the Rainforest Discovery Centre to reinforce what you have learned about the rainforest the last few days. After lunch, visit the world-famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where you will learn about the challenges of orang-utan rehabilitation. 
After this learning session, you will head into Sandakan. Check into accommodation. Free at leisure. Try to catch the sunset from the Ba-Lin bar at the rooftop of Nak Hotel. 

Check out and transfer to Sandakan Airport. 
Optional: independent travel to Kota Kinabalu or Turtle Islands


At the Zoo
At the Zoo, your role is to assist the zookeepers in their daily jobs of cleaning cages, zoo compounds, feeding the animals and preparing enrichment activities for great apes, especially orang-utans and a variety of other zoo animals.
Listed below are some of the activities you may be involved with whilst at the zoo:

This involves cleaning cages and feeding. You will rotate working with different animals depending on the needs of the zoo, the keepers, or the animals themselves within the primates or ape section as well as in other sections. Cleaning is vital to the zoo as better hygiene helps to prevent disease.

The idea of enrichment is to stimulate the animals and improve their living conditions as much as possible to mimic their natural habitat. Some sample activities are: 
- Provide leaves in cages for bedding and nesting purposes 
- Buy special fruit to give a variation on diet 
- Put branches from fig or fruit trees in their homes to observe behaviour 
- Rope work – make this fun and varied for the animal 
- Hiding food around cages to encourage foraging behaviour 

You may be asked to design and work on small construction projects to improve the night dens or enclosures of selected animals. This may include assisting in building new exhibits and extensions to improve the zoo facilities, or improving existing exhibits by adding furniture or painting.

There is an education centre and library at the zoo. Volunteers should learn as much as possible about the animals and you may be asked to guide and talk to school children about them. 

Sukau village will be your base for the habitat restoration and wildlife population observation work you will be involved with. 
Below is a list of possible activities you will be involved in whilst in Sukau:

Wildlife Population Observation
A lot of time is spent observing wildlife and their habitat, which is done from a boat cruising along the main river and its tributaries within the wildlife sanctuary.

Habitat Restoration
Take part in tree-planting, nursery care and seedling generation, sapling maintenance, mulching & composting, clearing invasive species and also tree growth data recording. This is the most crucial activity ensuring the survival of wildlife.

Education Programme
Spend half a day with school children of the community to work on conservation issues that the children deal with on a daily basis and emphasise their immediate and personal impact on conservation. You will be provided with a framework and the facilitator will guide you in the planning of this session.

Community Development
Interact with the community on various levels whilst continuing the development of a project within the community of the local village. Learn some local skills required for the villagers’ daily livelihood and maybe get the chance to assist them.

This Project offers a unique opportunity to spend time working closely with animals in Negara Zoo, Kuala Lumpur before heading to Malaysian Borneo to help with habitat restoration in the rainforest. There is also the opportunity to spend some time with the local community in Malaysian Borneo learning local skills and eating lunch and dinner prepared by the villagers.
Whilst at the zoo, stimulate and improve the conditions of various animals, specifically orangutans, in captivity through creating environment and food enrichment to mimic their natural habitat. Activities for enrichment could be:

• Providing leaves in cages for bedding and nesting purposes
• Hiding food around cages to encourage foraging behaviour
• Buying special fruit to give a variation on diet
In this project you will have the chance to learn about orangutans in the stage of rehabilitation and the process of releasing them back to the wild whilst at the zoo. Although there is a focus on orangutans, you may be working with other animals whilst at the zoo.

By becoming involved with this project you not only get the chance to work with orang-utans up close, but you will directly contribute to the aims of the project, helping re-forest the habitat and rehabilitate orangutans who could potentially be released back into the wild. You will also contribute to the economy of the local community, motivating them to encourage decision makers to effect change that will conserve the forest and provide shelter for a wealth of wildlife.

If you want to work with orangutans, learn about their behaviour, get involved in conservation and restoration efforts in place to save this endangered species, and see first-hand the difference these efforts can make – this is the project for you!



Where will my donation go?
Donations are spent on:

1. Enrichment - food (food parcels and a wide variety of different interesting foods) and physical enrichment (like hammocks and rope swings)

2. Construction - on materials and tools for getting orangutans out of cages and maintaining existing outdoor enclosures (everything from spades, to cement, to wheelbarrows, to nuts and bolts)

3. Reforestation - helping to create more species diverse forest by planting primary rainforest species under the pioneer tree canopy ( such as dipterocarpaceae, fabaceae and malvaceae) in certain areas. Also, we plant up species where we create destruction during the building process, such as recently when a digger dug out the island moats.

Is a visa required?
As a British or Irish passport holder, you will automatically receive a 3 month entry visa to Malaysia including Sabah.

Is there an age limit
Volunteers should be aged 18 or over though there are no upper age restrictions. The only proviso is that you are healthy, fit and compos mentis (that's Latin for sane).

How much spending money will I need?
For one month's travel it advisable to take on average £100-£200 as spending money but you can get away with less. This is used if you wish to do independent excursions on the weekends, shop for souvenirs for friends and family, and eat like an orangutan.

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