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Our Privacy Policy

Your Data Protection is Our Commitment

We the team of Skytrak understand the value of privacy, therefore, we maintain transparency regarding how data should be stored, sent, and used by organizations. When it comes to our ethics and principles and your data privacy rights, we follow and implement all data protection laws to make you feel confident and stress-free.

The motive behind this privacy policy is to explain to you how the team of skytrak collect and use your personal information. After reading these privacy policies you will understand, what kind of information we collect, how we collect, and what is the purpose behind it. It also includes what rights you have over your personal information.


Whether you want to book a holiday trip with us or you need a Brochure, the data we collect totally depends on your need and requirement.

We usually, use, store and transfer different types of personal information about you, which is mentioned below:

Details about you: Your basic information which includes your first and last name, gender, date of birth, marital status, e-mail address, contact number, loyalty membership details, etc.

Payment details:  when you are making a booking with us, we need your bank details, payment card details and other details of products and services you have acquired from us.

Identification documents: If you are travelling to abroad, we need your advance passenger information like your passport or identity card details which includes your passport number, the country in which your passport was allotted and the expiry date.

Booking Details: It includes information like where you are flying from and to, your booking details (including number seats you have booked), any onward travel details if applicable, luggage requirements, seat preferences, meal preferences or requirements, details of any special arrangement needed, hotel visit, and any other relevant information related to your trip or other service you have asked for.

Feedback Details: How was your experience with us and our team, including when you make enquiries, complaints or submit feedback to us. Possibly it includes username and password, marketing preferences as well.

Your experience with our systems and services: It includes how was your experience while using our website, app, customer care, social media pages, etc.

Job applications: In case you apply for a job with us, we need your CV, work history, educational details and the position you are applying for.

Special types of information: We may need to collect sensitive personal data from you. For example, we might need your medical conditions to make sure that the trip is right for you and if there is any required adjustment need to make.


It totally depends on how you connect with us. Let’s find out different ways we use to collect your information::

Direct Interactions

You can provide us with your personal information by filling in forms or through phone, email, or in person. Usually, you need to share your personal data when:

  •     Booking or searching for a holiday through our website, our app (if any), our customer care;
  •    need a brochure, sign up to receive updates or newsletter through email, interested in any of our competitions, promotions or surveys;
  •    sign up on our website and enter data in our online forms;
  •    apply for a job with us by email or through the website;

Your interaction with us might get recorded and monitored for the purposes of delivering quality assurance, security customer service, and general business purposes.


Automated technologies

When you visit our website, automatically our team will collect technical data about your source, browsing actions and patterns. We basically use cookies to collect this personal data, server logs and other related technologies. You can explore our Cookie Policy for further details.


Third parties or publicly available sources

  1. a) The commercial airline, hotel providers or other parties we are associated with in case you make a complaint to them;
  2. b)  Analytics providers can also be helpful in receiving your personal data details.


As per data protection laws, we are allowed to use personal data only if we have a reliable reason to do so like:

To book your trip with us: We will use your information to complete the process of booking your trip, flights, hotel reservation, transportation facility and providing you with the tickets (as per our contract with you). Also, particular assistance if you need (but only with your consent).


To communicate your details regarding your bookings and support services: We need to use your contact details in order to send you the details regarding your booking and services you have requested. The details may include emails responding to enquiries, details about your tickets, notifying you to changes in schedules or responding to your complaints (if any).


To provide assistance with online bookings: We may collect information when you fill it into forms on our websites but left your booking incomplete. Our motive behind this is to offer assistance in case you are finding difficulties using our websites.


To send you marketing communications: We may use your data to communicate you regarding the latest news, offers, brochures, events, promotions, etc. that may be of your interest. We will do this only if we have your consent to do so or on the basis of our legitimate interest to offer you with customer service.

To personalise your customer experience with us:  To provide you with the best-personalised service, we need your information. It may include personalising the communications we deliver to you with preferences, sending you the advertising that you may like and/or improving your holiday experience (with the motive to provide you with the right kinds of products and services). We may also monitor or record calls with the motive to improve our customer service.


To safeguard security and protect our business interests: In certain situations, we use your data to make sure the security of our services, people, and organization including to prevent, protect or systems testing, investigate fraud, unauthorized or illegal activities, maintenance and development (here our legitimate interests comes in to run a safe and lawful business or where we have a legal obligation to do so).


To conduct research: We sometimes use the information to conduct research about the general engagement of customers with our services and systems, or in case if the customer wanted to participate in customer surveys. Basically, the motive behind this is to improve our products, services and customer service.


To obey and fulfil the legal obligations: In certain situations, we have to use your information to obey and fulfil our legal obligations, such as to comply with any court orders or summons. In the end, it is our responsibility to comply with a legal obligation.



What are your rights?

Here we have explained the rights you possess in relation to the personal information you shared with us:

  •    The right to be advised of how you want us to use your personal information.
  •     The right to request us to correct any information you find incorrect.
  •   The right to request us to not to use your information for any marketing or promotion purposes.
  •    The right to ask for a copy of your personal data we recorded and saved.
  •    In certain conditions, the right to ask us to stop using your data for any reason.
  •   The right to withdraw consent in case you changed your mind and do not want us to use your personal information.

How can you exercise your rights?

You can exercise these rights over your information by contacting our team or by checking the applicable boxes on forms where we collect your information or to send us a request that you don’t want to participate in any kind of promotion or marketing. Also, you can unsubscribe from any marketing circulation lists you are on by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the e-mail.

We will definitely fulfil your requests, except we have a legal reason not to do so. We may need request you to share your additional details to confirm your identity with the motive to process your request.


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