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Indonesia is the right place to head to if you ever dreamt of let fall everything and going island-

Indonesia- Wonderful Indonesia

Be ready to see the rich cultures and raditions of Indonesia.

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Things to do
Insider Review

This slow-paced island nation is an exotic blend of rich cultures and dramatic natural beauty

Smouldering vistas, rich cultural diversity, beach-blessed coastlines and languorous charm – this nation of more than 17,000 islands offers countless adventures and unforgettable experiences. Every island here seduces with its own vision of paradise. From the beautiful beaches and emerald interior of Bali – the fabled ‘Island of the Gods’ – and the stunning volcanic landscapes of Lombok, to the exotic shorelines of Komodo – the land of dragons, this picture-perfect archipelago really does have it all. Whether you’re looking for an unspoilt beach escape or a dramatic volcano trek, talk to us and we’ll help design your ultimate Indonesia holiday.

Flying Time
~14 hours

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Indonesia holiday highlights


Our most popular destination in Indonesia is Bali, a tropical island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands. For its small size, Bali offers more than its fair share of attractions – from visits to temples and quaint local villages, to cycling around rice terraces and lounging on picture-perfect golden sands. To make the most of a Bali holiday, we recommend twinning a relaxing beach stay with a few nights in artsy Ubud, the cultural capital of the island. Pairing Bali with Lombok and the Gilis also makes for an excellent island-hopping beach holiday. Local airlines have several flights each day between Bali and Lombok, and it’s also easy to travel between the islands by boat. To get to the secluded Gilis you’ll need to hop on a boat from Bali or Lombok.

Lombok & the Gilis

Idyllic islands of dazzling white sands and emerald interiors, Lombok and the Gili Islands offer a more sedate atmosphere to popular Bali. Lombok lies to the east and is perfect if you’re looking for untouched beaches and excellent outdoor activities – the southern coastline is a surfer’s paradise, while the dominating Mount Rinjani is a magnet for walkers. Off the north-west coast of Lombok, the Gili Islands are exotic hideaways of white sands and bohemian-chic charm. Gili Trawangan is the most cosmopolitan, with great nightlife and luxury beachside resorts, while Gili Air is the most authentic of the islands, with a stunning coral reef and great local character. The smallest island is Gili Meno, the ultimate honeymoon haven with its gorgeous cluster of palm-fringed beaches. While the islands enchant with their own distinct character, all of the Gilis are popular for their marine-rich waters ­­ – spectacular wrecks and offshore coral reefs are great for diving and snorkelling.

Java & Komodo

Our Touring and Cruise product ranges include the more adventurous islands of Java and Komodo. Our escorted small group tour of Java ends on the beach in Bali, while our stay & cruise itineraries are on board a beautiful tall ship, sailing around Indonesian islands that include Komodo, the home of the legendary Komodo Dragon

Diving & snorkelling

Indonesia’s warm waters lie within the Coral Triangle, one of the richest underwater bio-diversities on the planet. Offering some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling opportunities, Indonesia enjoys exceptional coral and reef fish diversity that range from clownfish and mola mola to reef sharks and manta rays. Komodo, Bali, Lombok and the Gilis are some of the best islands in Indonesia to go snorkelling and diving. Off the north-west coast of Bali, Menjangan Island is famed for its dramatic underwater caverns and stunning corals, while the shallow reefs around Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno are great for snorkelling with sea turtles and colourful reef fish. For spectacular undersea landscapes, Komodo National Park offers a one-of-a-kind marine exploration. An underwater utopia where coral reefs flourish, the diversity of marine life here is breathtaking – in this exquisite environment you’ll have the chance to spot sharks, dugongs, blue whales and even tiny pygmy seahorses.

Food & drink

Reflecting the contrasting cultures and landscapes within the archipelago, Indonesian cuisine can be quite varied and diverse. Many regions enjoy different specialities, and you might also notice hints of Chinese, Indian and European influences in the local food, depending on where you are. Throughout Indonesia, one thing you’ll find everywhere is rice, a staple to most traditional meals. You’ll also enjoy lots of tropical fruits and vegetables in the Indonesian diet, thanks to the islands’ rich, fertile soils and warm, humid climates. On a visit to Indonesia, popular local dishes to try include Nasi Goreng, a flavoursome fried rice dish, and Gado Gado, a tasty Indonesian-style salad.


The Complete Oman Tour Planned by Experts

  • Both relaxing beach breaks and more adventurous itineraries exploring its many islands
  • For a small island, Bali boasts more than its fair share of attractions, including stunning beaches, historic temples and a beautiful verdant interior
  • Lombok and the Gilis are perfect if you’re seeking shores that are a little less developed
  • In Java explore historic temples, palaces and a collection of South-East Asia’s most sacred sights before travelling to the slopes of Mount Bromo
  • Something a little different; sail around Bali, Lombok, the Gilis and the captivating islands of the Komodo Archipelago on a cruise.

Resorts & hotels in Indonesia

Discover the best Indonesia hotels, from indulgent spa retreats with far-reaching views to family-friendly beachside resorts

With Indonesia such a vast archipelago, the range of hotels and resorts is impressively diverse. We’ve hand-picked a selection of our favourite Indonesia hotels to help make your decision of where to stay as simple as possible. In Bali, we offer a great combination of beachfront and inland hotels and resorts. Choose from ultra-luxe hideaways and beautiful Balinese-style retreats, secluded spa escapes and elegant oceanfront resorts. With just one main beach resort on the island of Lombok, our two luxury retreats here offer exceptional seclusion. Across the water, the Gili Islands are a bohemian paradise of rustic-chic escapes.


Discover Indonesia multi-centres

Indonesia is a wonderful blend of culture and scenery, appealing to sunseekers and bargain hunters alike and perfect for combining with the tropical island of Bali. Bali conjures up images of the mystical east, and its rich history and traditions mean there are plenty of intriguing sites - the island boasts 20,000 temples and ideal twin centre with the natural stunning beauty of Lombok or with one of Asia’s other bustling cities. Choose any of our featured hotels as part of your holiday – many of which also have special offers for Kuoni customers. Call us on 02085708283 or visit us in store to speak to one of our Personal Travel Experts and tailor make your own holiday with
Things to do
Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is the world’s biggest Buddhist sanctuary that you must visit, not only because of its religious importance but also for its beauty and charisma. Built around the 8th century, this temple is a replication of the country’s long and complex history that covers culture, customs, religion, architecture, and more. Travellers can spot the rich and fascinating stone carvings, gaze of the major grand structure, and engage themselves in the surrounding beautiful view including the jungles, sunrise, and faraway hills.

Raja Ampat Islands

With one of the dynamic underwater sights on the planet, this most popular tropical paradise is home to around 700 species of mollusk, 530 species of coral, and 1,300 types of fish. Regardless of the magnetism of exotic species and a spectacular island view, Raja Ampat remains largely original because of its remote location and huge locality. More than just a snorkelers’ paradise, Raja Ampat also consider as a memorable destination for photographers, adventurers, birdwatchers, and even those who seek a luxury vacation with an incredible view in a faraway island.

Lake Toba

Toba is not only popular as Indonesia’s biggest lake, but it is also popular because it is the most beautiful and stunning from every angle. Almost double the size of Singapore, there are many sightseeing points to enjoy the view of this volcanic lake, surrounded by lush greenery and hills. While in the neighbouring villages, travellers can also explore the charming Batak culture, with its charismatic traditions and cultural items. Travellers can also explore Samosir, the small attractive island in the middle of Lake Toba.

Mount Bromo

This volcano, often covered with smoke and a multi-coloured sky, consider as one of the most iconic sights from Indonesia. Watching the sunrise at Mount Bromo from Java Island is something you should not miss, as it offers you an unforgettable experience. The volcano also shares the area with a huge desert, other sumptuous peaks and hills, wide flower fields, and several waterfalls, most of which can be discovered in a day or two.

Insider Review

Indonesian, plus a range of regional languages. English is widely spoken.

Passport and Visas:

Since June 2015, a visa is no longer required for UK passport holders flying into Bali for stays of less than 30 days. Visas are still required for Lombok and Yogyakarta (Java) and are available on arrival.

Good to know:


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