Cook Islands- The Islands of Memories…

It’s a great holiday place with perfect beaches, deep jungle and coral lagoons. Each of the 15 islands seems more breathtaking than the last.

Cook Islands- The Island for All Seasons.

It’s the ideal place to relax on the uintessential tropical paradise beach.

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Cruise crystalline lagoons and enjoy the warmest of welcomes on our Cook Islands holidays

Diving with sharks, hiking through unspoilt rainforest and soaking up unbelievable South Pacific sunsets — holidays to the Cook Islands are the quintessential romantic adventure. Captain James Cook visited these beautiful islands in 1773 and 1777 but only actually set foot on one of the tiny uninhabited atolls, so it’s perhaps fitting that they remain pretty undiscovered even today. You’ll find pristine powdery sand, turquoise waters and wide-ranging watersports both in volcanic Rarotonga, the largest of all the islands, and coral-fringed Aitutaki, whose vast azure lagoon makes for a breathtaking sight from the air and one of the most romantic spots on Earth. Visit your local store and we’ll help you plan your perfect Cook Islands holiday

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Cook Islands holiday highlights

Surrounded by a coral reef, Rarotonga is the largest and most populated of the Cook Islands, without being at all crowded or even that large (it’s only 20 miles round, so you’ll find it very easy to get about). Head down to the south-eastern corner of the island for Muri Beach — the lagoon here has some of the clearest water you’ll ever see, and is a lovely spot for swimming, snorkelling and stand-up paddleboarding. We also recommend visiting Te Vara Nui Village on the beach, where you’ll be able to meet local Maori people and immerse yourself in their knowledge and rich history during their Cultural Village Tour. Finish your evening here with a tempting buffet dinner and overwater night show filled with first-class musicians and dancers. Away from Muri Beach, there are plenty more secluded beaches and reefs brimming with colourful marine life including sting rays and turtles. Enjoy scuba diving and kitesurfing, or head further out on a catamaran or kayak to admire the island from afar. Rarotonga is also a volcanic island with dense rainforest and craggy peaks at its centre — go hiking, borrow a buggy or hop on a quad bike to explore the sweeping interior. In 1821, Aitutaki was the first of the Cook Islands to embrace Christianity after the arrival of Reverend John Williams of the London Missionary Society; nowadays, it’s most associated with luxurious and intimate escapes. While Rarotonga is volcanic, this much smaller and quieter island is mostly made from coral atoll, with a superb leafy interior which slopes down to golden beaches and a lagoon five times the island’s size — enchanting honeymoon territory. Make the most of your sublime surroundings by snorkelling, lapping up the breathtaking blue waters on a leisurely lagoon cruise or diving off the drop-off, where you could cross paths with manta rays and sharks. We love One Foot Island, too — legend has it that this untouched islet was named such after a man saved his son from an attacking tribe by hiding him up a coconut tree, making it seem like there was only one set of footprints in the sand. With its warm sapphire water and smatterings of swaying palms, the picturesque beach is a multiple-time winner at the World Travel Awards and is great for a day trip.

Where are the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands are a collection of 15 islands between French Polynesia and Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean, north-east of and in free association with New Zealand. Rarotonga and Aitutaki are the two most popular islands (the majority of the population lives on Rarotonga). As of 2017, the Cook Islands are also home to Marae Moana, the largest multiple-use marine protected area in the world which aims to counter issues such as overfishing and coral reef damage.


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  • Some of the most dramatic sunsets you're ever likely to see
  • Hiring a kayak and discovering idyllic uninhabited islands
  • Taking a hike or a 4x4 drive into the islands’ interiors — with no snakes or poisonous insects, you can explore with ease
  • Busier Rarotonga or quieter honeymoon hot spot, Aitutaki
  • Diving and snorkelling, with clear waters teeming with marine life

Resorts & hotels in Cook Islands

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Things to do
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Insider Review
Rain clouds usually hang around Rarotonga's mountain peaks, even during the dry season (June to Aug). In short, there is no bad time weather-wise to visit the Cook Islands, although the shoulder months of April, May, September, and October usually provide the best combination of sunshine and warmth. Don't feel that you need to leave a tip, unless you believe that you have received outstanding service and/or if a particular person in your estimation deserves to be rewarded. English and Maori are widely spoken, though the number of speakers is rapidly decreasing. Religion: Christianity April: Te Mire Ure Traditional Dance Festival This energetic, colourful festival gives you a first-hand look at the traditional dances of the Cook Islands. Grab a drink and a seat and watch the men stomp and woman sway to wooden drums, each wearing costumes made of plants and shells, as they use their bodies to tell traditional Polynesian stories. The festival is great fun for the onlookers but for the dancers it is taken very seriously, with most contestants training from a young age. Each of the fifteen Cook Islands has their very own unique dance, and battles it out to be crowned female and male dancer of the year. July / August: Te Maeva Nui Cultural Festival One of Rarotonga’s biggest celebrations is the formerly named Constitution festival. The festival celebrates the Cook Island’s declaration of independence in 1965 by exhibiting its own legendary culture through dance, food and music. November: Tiare (Floral) Festival A festival of flowers on a Paradise Island. Flowers are a huge part of the Polynesian culture and visitors are often greeted with Hibiscus or Gardenias. In the run up to the Tiare festival the whole Island goes mad for floral decorations with flowers being hung inside and outside buildings, as well as a floral float parade. This definitely is not a festival for the hay fever suffers. Another huge part of the festival is the crowning of Miss Tiare and the new Young Warrior competition, where the women chooses a flower which best represents her and the man picks a plant or tree, the locals also show their skills in a flower arranging contest.


Average temperatures
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 25 24 25 25 25 24 24 24 24 24 24 24
Max (°C) 30 31 31 31 31 30 30 30 30 31 31 30
Min (°F) 77 75 77 77 77 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
Max (°F) 86 88 88 88 88 86 86 86 86 88 88 86
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