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Greece- Live your Fantasy in Greece

One of the most astonishing countries in the world never falls on unforgettable moments.

Greece-Live your myth in Greece

The Greece culture is alive with passionate music, inspired cuisine and thrill seeking activities.

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Things to do
Insider Review

Experience a healthy dose of ancient history and dramatic island hopping with our hand-picked Greece holidays

Imagine the salty skin and windswept hair that sailing from one Greek island to another brings. There’s the taste of Ouzo and Muscat wine, the delight of trying Souvlaki for the first or umpteenth time and a postcard-perfect mix of pastel villages, archaeological sites, horseshoe harbours and pocket-sized fishing villages. Charming islands peppered with traditional tavernas, iconic hot spots filled with show-stopping hotels and mainland stays in acres of beachfront luxury are all staples of a Greece holiday. There are uninhabited corners where you can spend a sun-soaked afternoon waiting for catch-of-the-day to be served and deep beneath the sea you may be lucky enough to spot a monk seal or two. We love holidays to Greece for the easy pace of island life, while mainland Greece is a worthy beauty contender with its treasure trove of Byzantine history and miles of soft sand and island-style vibes around the coastland of Halkidiki. Our Personal Travel Experts know Greece really well. If you want to find out more about any of the islands or a trip to the mainland, get in touch with one of our Greece experts and we’ll tailor make your perfect holiday.

AED dirhams
Flying Time
~7.5 hours

• The climate is fundamentally Mediterranean with long hot sunny days often from April through to the end of September, and pleasant, warm evenings • The water is warm until mid-November, however, the rainy season begins mid-October • Mykonos – in particular the north of the island – can be very windy in the spring and summer months, resulting in slightly cooler temperatures.

Greece holiday highlights

There’s an offshore hotspot for every whim and fancy. Surrounded by the shimmering waters of the Aegean and Ionian Sea it’s impossible not to want to dive right in. Cast away your cares on north Kos’ white-sand Tigaki Beach, become a curious explorer amongst Rhodes’ Roman ruins in its medieval interior and sip cocktails at the edge of one of Santorini’s luxury white-washed clifftop hotels. The jet set speedboat-loving crowds on Corfu and chic twilight parties on Mykonos show off the hip side of Greece. The Corfu Trail is just-the-right ramble for walking off a big fat Greek mezze and chartering a yacht for a sunset sail with post-archaeological aperitifs is pure bliss on Mykonos. A sleepier pace of life is found amongst ancient streets harking back to Minoan civilisation perched on Crete’s rugged mountains. Cream-white beaches and the legendary Palace of Knossos ruins are a huge draw. Looking for more? Kos’ Therme Beach is a small trek but its hot water springs are as healing as any Greek island sunset; for the ultimate indulgence hop on a speedboat from Santorini for a night of dining on Armeni Bay; or surround yourselves with the tiger moths that reside in Rhodes Butterfly Valley from July through to September. On Greece's mainland you'll find sweeping coastlines and delightful villages full of character. With its three peninsulas and miles of beautiful beaches, Halkidiki has an island feel with stylish hotels such as the Sani Club. Messinia in the scenic south-west Peloponnese hosts crumbling castles, unspoilt coves and valleys dotted with lakes and waterfalls.

Where is Greece?

Greece is on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula with its islands in the eastern Mediterranean. The Ionian Sea is to the left and the Aegean to the right. Officially known as the Hellenic Republic it has some 6000 islands of which over 200 are inhabited. Greece has about 9000 miles of coastline and Mount Olympus is the highest point.

Getting around

Most islands have a main town where you’ll find the port for passenger ferries. You can take a boat or plane from island to island. It’s also easy to get around by bus, taxi or rented car. Water taxis are common, taking you to secret coves, isolated beaches and other islands in the region

Diving and snorkelling

Clear warm waters and unique coral reefs make diving from the Greek Islands a popular activity. Chania on Crete is a fantastic place to see volcanic reefs and unusual marine life. Mykonos’ Paradise Point has exciting swim-throughs and extreme drop-offs and diving on both sides of Santorini uncovers several wrecks. We recommend snorkelling from the peninsula of Afionas Beach on Corfu or on the surface of Halkidiki’s crystal clear water.


Woven fabrics, pottery and locally crafted jewellery line the quaint shopping streets of traditional villages. The design-led island of Mykonos brims with stylish boutiques and glamour. Portside Chora’s labyrinth of stores is home to international brands Louis Vuitton and Balmain but also independent designers injecting laid-back Mediterranean style and rich textures into the mix. Pick up hand-made leather sandals, gold jewellery and resort wear

Food & drink

Ripe cherry tomatoes, that famous Santorini salad, line-caught calamari and orange fava… on all the Greek Islands you’ll find fresh and vibrant ingredients. Put simply, you’ll never be far from delicious, fresh seafood. Dine at local waterfront tavernas, at 3am straight from a fishing boat or tucked away in one of Mykonos’ stylish restaurants. Expect romantic moonlit dining in secret caves, lobster and octopus caught in front of you, cliffside restaurants with Aegean Sea views and expansive wine lists in a country known for its vinotourism.


The Complete Dubai Tour Planned by Experts

  • Halkidiki is a great option for family holidays - its hotels have excellent family facilities
  • For luxury that's a bit more off the beaten track, head to the Peleponnese
  • Mykonos is one of the smaller Cyclades islands - the epitome of style and elegance
  • Santorini is the stuff of picture-postcard Greek perfection with its whitewashed villages and spectacular seaviews
  • We have five-star luxury to suit every taste on the islands of Crete and Rhodes

Resorts & hotels in Greece

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Things to do

If you are travelling to Greece, you can miss the tourist attraction place made from beautiful marble. This is also famous for the statue of Athena who was the goddess of Athens. Anyone interested in ancient architecture can walk around and enjoy the highlights of this amazing and beautiful monument.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is one of the popular mountains in the world and if you have an interest in Greek mythology then this is not be missed off your tour. Those who are interested in climbing the mountain will need to travel to Litochoro where they can trek half or all the way to the top according to their ability and fitness levels.

Lake Plastira

At Lake Pastira you can embrace the natural beauty and beautiful surrounding which is covered by oak and chestnuts tree. Here travellers can enjoy horse riding, hiking, and rafting as well.

Epidaurus Theater

The popular Epidaurus Theater is one of the precious monuments of ancient Greece. It is one of the iconic places in Greece that you can't ignore. Here you can enjoy the dramatic performances and rituals that dedicated to the god of medicine, Asclepius.

Insider Review


Passport and Visas:

Visa not required for UK passport holders

Events & Festivals:

June-September: The Hellenic Festival, Athens - Takes place at the Herodes Atticus Theatre withmodern and ancient theatre.

July-August: The Epidaurus Festival, Athens: One of Greece’s most popular and is found approx. two hours outside of Athens offering world-renowned ancient Greek theatre.

July-August: The Varkarola Festival, Corfu - Celebrates Saint Spyridon with moonlight music, dance and much serenading. Small fishing boats are decorated with candlelight that illuminates the whole of Kalami Bay and on larger boats local choirs sing.

August: The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Santorini - Takes place in a beautiful byzantine Church, with thousands of locals flocking here to worship and celebrate.

Good to know:

• A tourist tax applies to all hotels in Greece and is only payable locally.



Average temperatures
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 1 2 5 8 12 16 19 18 15 11 7 3
Max (°C) 9 11 14 19 25 29 32 31 27 21 15 11
Min (°F) 34 36 41 46 54 61 66 64 59 52 45 37
Max (°F) 48 52 57 66 77 84 90 88 81 70 59 52
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 4 5 5 8 9 10 12 11 8 6 4 4
Average temperatures
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 7 7 8 12 16 20 23 23 19 15 11 8
Max (°C) 13 14 16 21 26 31 33 33 29 24 18 14
Min (°F) 45 45 46 54 61 68 73 73 66 59 52 46
Max (°F) 55 57 61 70 79 88 91 91 84 75 64 57
Average temperatures
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 4 5 6 8 9 11 12 12 9 7 5 4


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